Birds that visit everyday.

Posted on June 4, 2012


One type of wild bird I see everyday.. the bush turkeys.

I used to see them in books back in Sydney and I had admired the colors on their head and necks. I had not imagined then that I would live in a forest and see them everyday.

This is the dominant/ breeding male. And he has a lot of character.

During the breeding season he grows a “scarf”, or at least that is what I call it.

They await for me in the morning and late afternoon, sometimes even at midday, in the trees.

So I made them a little makeshift bridge and they come down from the  trees.

This one is also very friendly. It (she?) will even take bread from my hands.

some come straight down onto the balastrade

And they get some little bits of food.

Mr Turkey is a lot more demanding, especially during the breeding season.

He makes a lot of noise until I give him something to eat.

And he guards his territory. He has belligerently chased away any and every

other turkey that has dared to climb up onto the roof. None dare disobey him.


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