My house in the tropics

Posted on May 10, 2012


I live in a pole house nestled in amongst many trees.

 This is the front of my house

From my window this is my view.

This is the side of the front away from the drive way is here..

Going down my driveway my “front steps” are at the side of my house.

and right next to them is my water feature.

At the top of the stairs is my Gazebo on the right and my front door on the left.

And looking down again towards the driveway..

A short bridge extends over my waterfall and onto an area near the top of my driveway.

next photo..

This is the side of the front section of my house.

My house is in three separate buildings connected by covered walkways.

and here..

     .. this is the back section of my house, the general living area.

In this section is my balcony from where I often photograph birds.



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