Forest wild life that comes inside my house.

Posted on May 10, 2012


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 It’s the rainy season..


so there are frogs!

Green frogs on the short step ladder

Frogs are everywhere











They are in the shower

This is one that is common in the forest but not always obvious

On the balastrade

On the posts


….then there are the snakes.

And if you notice in the above photo there was a python ready to come in after the frog.

It saw me and thought better of the venture. I don’t know why it looked blue here.

Maybe that area was shadowed, but it had a metallic dark skin.

I heard noises and then silence and a bit later noise and then silence.

This is characteristic of snakes. They move silently but now and then they knock something

so there is noises and then long silence. I looked into the robe I use as a bookcase and saw nothing.

Only when I looked back as I was leaving did I see. I had walked under it and stood under it without

realizing it.

It came down and then..

it was going to hide behind my books. This might have been where it was hiding during the day.

Once I took a clip folder out and carried into my study and when I opened it there was a snake

neatly curled up in a double s-shape inside it! Yuk.

This guy was also hiding underneath a box on top of a cupboard in the hallway.

Finally it emerged and I was able to escort it out.



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